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With spring approaching, we are guaranteed to have many showers as well. This means wet roads, which increases your driving risks. Here are some things AAA reminds us to remember when driving in the rain:

1. Keep your windshield clean and wipers in good condition to effectively clear the windshield of water.

2. On long trips, stop every few hours to clear mud and dirt off your headlights.

3. Roads are slickest during the first 15 minutes of a rain shower. Oil and particles are lifted up off the road, mix with the water and create slippery conditions.

4. Leave extra room behind the car in front of you and before stopping at traffic lights and stop signs.

5. Avoid hard acceleration or braking which can send the vehicle into a skid. If your vehicle begins to skid, steer and look in the direction you want to go.

6. Avoid using cruise control in wet weather driving. It may cause the vehicle to accelerate when you go into a skid, exacerbating your loss of control.

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